About Us


M//S Legal Services has been established by Martin Moorhouse and David Shield to provide legal services to legal professionals working in all fields of legal work.

They have over 58 years of varied police work experience between them.

Martin has been a Detective Inspector in the Force Professional Standards Department for the last 4 years, prior to that he has had a wide experience of CID work.

 David has a wide experience of representing police officers in his role as the Federation Discipline Leader. This role has led him to work closely with the legal profession for the last few years.

 The aim of M//S Legal Services is to use their experience to provide high guality professional services to assist the legal profession in carrying out their practices.

 The services they can provide are

  Court/Tribunal attendance

(in support of counsel/solicitors)

  Conferences with counsel

  Interviewing witnesses

  Obtaining and preparing statements/proof of evidence

  Attending inguests (in support of counsel)

  Viewing CCTV evidence

  General investigative work

  Any other tasks to assist solicitors they may feel appropriate


These services are provided on a self employed basis with M//S Legal Services providing all their own logistical support and insurance.


A list of charges is available on reguest - please contact Martin or David to discuss your individual reguirements.