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Martin Moorhouse

Martin has over 30 years service with the West Yorkshire Police having joined in 1978. His service details are

  Wakefield as both a uniform and Detective Constable

  Promoted to uniform Sergeant at Millgarth, Leeds in 1987, also worked on auto theft projects

  In 1989 returned to Wakefield as a Detective Sergeant

  Promoted to uniform Inspector in 1992 at Castleford

  Served at Dewsbury as Detective Inspector in 1995

  Crime Training in 1996 presenting various courses

  Huddersfield patrol as uniform Inspector between 1998 and 2000

  Detective Inspector at Wakefield from 2001 to 2004

  Professional Standards Department at Bradford from 2004


Whilst serving within CID he has been involved in numerous murder and serious crime investigation

  Deputy Senior Investigating Officer on the enguiry into the death of Harold Shipman

  Former head of the Crime Training Department of West Yorkshire Police

  Trained in HOLMES computer and Major Incident Room procedures

  From March 1994 for two years worked on the investigation into to the murder of Wendy Speakes

  Has presented the Management of Serious Crime Course

  Has given evidence at a misconduct hearing in Botswana in 1998

  He has been commended twice by Crown Court Judges

 He is a trained hostage negotiator and has acted as such on an on call basis within West Yorkshire for the last 5 years.

 For the last 4 years Martin has served within the Force Professional Standards Department. This role involves the investigation of officers within the Force.

 This is a very demanding role and includes

  The investigation of police contact deaths such as deaths in custody

  The investigation of traffic related incidents

  The investigation of both criminal and misconduct allegation made against police officers

  Dealing with complainants/ Local Resolution of complaints

  The securing and preserving of evidence in relation to enguiries

  Liaison with and investigating under the management of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

  Presentation of evidence at Police Misconduct Hearings


David Shield BA(Hons) LLB(Hons) PGCE


David joined the West Yorkshire Police in 1980 and has served in Wakefield, Leeds South, Kirklees and Force Headquarters.

As a Constable he worked on uniform patrol, a Divisional Patrol Unit and as a research assistant in the Force Management Support Department. On promotion to Sergeant in 1988 he worked on patrol, ran an Auto Crime Unit and served as a custody officer. He established the Community Policing Unit at Dewsbury.

 He obtained his LLB at Leeds Metropolitan University on a part time basis graduating in 1998. From 1998 to 2003 he lectured in Public Law at Wakefield College on the LLB course administered by Leeds Metropolitan University.

 He has also been involved in training in relation to Human Rights for Local Authorities in Cumbria, Kirklees, Rotherham, Barnsley, Bradford and West Yorkshire Trading Standards.

 He was elected to the West Yorkshire Federation as sergeant's representative for Kirklees in 2000 and began to specialise in matters relating to the Police Code of Conduct.

 Since 2005 he has been full time Discipline Leader for the West Yorkshire Federation. This role has involved leading a team of officers who represent their colleagues when they are under investigation.

The role involves

  Managing the team and in particular their workloads

  Liaison with the Federations legal advisers

  Liaison with the Force Professional Standards Department

  Representing officers at misconduct hearings both on admitted and not admitted basis

  Assisting legal representatives at hearings, court and inquests

  Managing the 24 hour call out system for both on and off duty incidents

  Responsibility for Misconduct Training for the Discipline Team

  Providing Federation input into Force Custody Officer courses

 He has attended the following courses to assist in his role

  Advanced misconduct

  Post Incident Procedure

  National Discipline Liaison Officers seminars

 He has had wide experience of representing officers in relation to

  Post Incident Procedure in relation to Firearms incidents

  Police contact deaths

  Traffic related incidents

  Criminal interviews (with legal representatives)

  Misconduct hearings - including presentation of character evidence

  Inquests (with legal representatives